An open source based alternative to the social networking power-house, Facebook, is purportedly in the works by four students at New York University's Courant Institute Of Mathematical Science, branded Diaspora. The decentralized network will among other things address the much debated privacy issue that have marred the terrific social networking hub.

The Diaspora project aims to create an open-source social network where the user will maintain total control over their privacy. The idea is that Diaspora will not hold users information - termed 'seed' and that only people to whom you give a 'key' can access your information.

The project website states that a prototype portal is about now ready for release. However, the main project is billed for launch on September, under a GPL license. And the funding is also almost ready according to the report.

Indeed, the timing is right, given the recent face-off between Facebook and Privacy Advocacy Groups, including the EFF and consumer groups. Albeit, some people are still willing to sacrifice their privacy for the credible possibilities of Facebook, however, given an equally powerful tool and less privacy worries, bet the exodus will be en masse.

Open Source: Diaspora Takes On Facebook

The Classic Snake game is now part of YouTube video feature, making it possible to play the game in most videos on the streaming content service. Though not particularly a good version of the dot-eating game, its placement is welcome as passing time on dragging videos.

The Snake Game, however is worth trying next time you are caught-up watching a video that drags on, launch a game to pass the time.

The YouTube video of a plain black screen, are more recommended if you intend to try is out yourself, based on simplicity and astounding performance. And for videos with the new playback style (with red progress bar that narrows when you move the mouse away from it), click on the video window, then hold left on the keyboard.

The video can be playing while you do this or paused. Perhaps, you might find out that the game is not too boring to stop watching altogether.

Snake Game Feature - YouTube

YouTube announced support for 4k-resolution video (4094 x 3072 pixels) at the 2010 VidCon Conference in Los Angeles, California which commenced Friday according to a report on its official blog. A resolution which is about four times that of most HDTV (1080p), and slightly above IMAX projected films at 2k format.

Ramesh Sarukkai, YouTube Engineer, in the report stated that such high resolution requires considerable high bandwidth for the needed speed. And to view any video in a source resolution above 1080p, tab 'Original' in the video quality pull-down menu most be selected.

As most home users with the right connection will require a projector capable to run 4k-resolution video, in other to enjoy the service. However, there is the possibility of lowering the bit rate as obtainable in the HD video compression hoop.

Although, resolution of 1080p remains the top rate in most HDTV, higher pixels are apportioned to filming hardware. The original video projection being 360p is now a  far cry to today's standard, sure a sign of the pace of technological breakthrough.

YouTube Video Resolution Hits 4K