Newsgator - publisher of popular RSS readers FeedDemon and NetNewsWire, has concluded plans to merge with Google Reader. Its RSSFeeds online service will cease on August 31, according to an official announcement - thursday. Along with Google Reader synchronization for FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, and the NetNewsWire iPhone app, Newsgator will discontinue Newsgator Online, Newsgator Go!, Newsgator Inbox, the Newsgator browser toolbar, and the desktop notifier.

Newsgator recommends that those using blogroll, ratings or headlines features to remove them from any Web site they're used on by August 31. However, the shared clipping feature will transition into Google Reader's analogous feature. It also recommends that all FeedDemon and NetNewsWire readers upgrade to the beta builds before August 31, since only those latest versions contain the Google Reader Sync option.

Newsgator switch as viewed by analysts points to growing emphasis from the company on their enterprise-based business.

NewsGator Set To Merge With Google Reader

Computer OS market is bound to experience a revolution in the purported plan of Google to release its own operating system - Chrome OS. Hitherto, the OS market have been ruled by Microsoft, with over 80% of the web running on Windows Platform.

Chrome OS, it is reported will be given out free by the 'Search Giant'. This grand plan is bound to shake up the operating system market even more credibly by the absence of any actual programming code or substantive information about Chrome OS.

Chrome OS applications will be written using open Web standards like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And many sees it as a liability, given that Web applications are not capable to function as applications for specific devices/systems. However, Google is poised to effect a change on which its bet depends, enabling Web browsers to gain access to peripherals, through an infrastructure layer above the level of device drivers.

Google partners in this vision includes: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Intel and Toshiba according to Theregister. Indeed, Chrome OS will be well positioned to help Google organize even more of the world's information that the company already handles.

Future Web Platform - Chrome OS

Twitter witnessed a huge influx of fake accounts which raised the NSFW trending topic, '#gorillapenis', all the way to the top of the list on Sunday. 4chan, a hub of Internet culture and memes, has long been the spawning point of various raids on most networking sites, recently YouTube Porn Day. Also among their exploits includes hacking Time Magazine's voting system for the World's Most Influential Person, resulting the eventual winning by the site's creator, Moot, by a wide margin.

This latest exploit by the Board is termed 'Operation Shitter'. 4chan has been known to tread blames when convicted in a plot. And as such the blame for this latest plot was put on Ebaum's World. But analyst investigations have absolved them from any blame.

In response, Twitter has reacted by removing the term from its trending topics, but evidence can still be found on Twitter Search. Twitter really has to come up with a better detection mechanism ready to deal with such trends, in view of its growing popularity.

Raid On Twitter Traced To The Board 4CHAN

Amit Papnai of the Delicious team in a mailing list posting Tuesday, stated that 'the alpha version of Delicious extension for Google Chrome is now available. He confirmed that this is a lite version of the extension and allows user to sign in and post bookmarks to their Delicious account.'

This test version is perceived as a strong indication that the technology foundation is coming to fruition in Google's browser, though Extensions still must be specifically enabled through a 'command-line switch' on the developer version of Chrome.

Chrome lacks one of Firefox's notable features, called add-ons in the Mozilla browser. Chrome's extensions technology uses the same interface techniques as Web pages, a method Mozilla has adopted for its Jetpack Firefox extensions project at Mozilla Labs.

Chrome Extensions Proved - Delicious