Microsoft chief executive, Steve Ballmer, in an interview with financial analyst on Tuesday disclosed interest to chat up with new Yahoo chief , Carol Bartz about a partnership Deal that will enable the two Search giants tackle Google's Advances. He however rebuffed the notion of Microsoft attempt at acquiring Yahoo - earlier in the news.

According to Ballmer, no movement towards talk yet. 'I don't know if anything is gonna happen,' he said. As at December 2008, Google accounted for 69.48% of all U.S. searches. That's up 8% from 2007. A comparison of December 2007 to December 2008 is even more impressive, with Google growing 14% year-over-year. Yahoo accounted for 17.79% of all U.S. searches and MSN took 5.56% of the share, according to figures released by Hitwise

Ballmer also acknowledged, 'we are up against incredible odds.' Google has a larger number of employees focused on search and has a larger distribution network. But Microsoft believes it can offer an attractive product to advertisers and gain share over time. While, investors on-the-other-hand have often said Ballmer should abandon the search and advertising market 'reportedly unprofitable'.

He maintains determination to be successful, also stating,'I don't want to wind up being known as the Jerry Yang in this market," he said, referring to the former CEO of Yahoo, who was just replaced by Bartz amid investor frustration with his failure to negotiate an acquisition deal with Microsoft, which last year offered $47.5 billion for the Web Portal.

Search Deal To Replace Microsoft's Attempt To Acquire Yahoo

Video preview of its new Search Pad feature, posted late Tuesday evening - as at this date has generated over 7,403 Views. The video says Yahoo Search Pad simplifies planning and research and urges users to "Give it a try."

The Tool, automatically collects and saves information and links to sites as a user visits them. It appears on the upper-right hand corner of search results. Indicators such as time spent on a site and other search patterns help show whether a user is attempting to navigate a site, find specific information, or collect volumes of information on a single topic. The information is saved to users' Yahoo ID.

The application as a useful tool, allows users to take notes, mark pages and return to their notes and pages later. Users can remove and edit notes and other information, e-mail the information to other users, and print out their notes.

See Yahoo Help page devoted to the application for further explanations on how it works and also sample pages.

Yahoo 'New Search Pad' Video Preview