Service Pack Debut Ends Windows 7 Update

Posted by Unknown | June 30, 2009 |

Gartner analyst, Michael Silver, in a report released Friday, stated that Microsoft will discontinue upgrade of XP based PCs to Windows 7 for free once the first Windows 7 service pack debuts after October. Though the plan has not been made public by Microsoft, it was noted in a research by an analyst of the IT advisory firm.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 7 by 22nd of October, but has not stated when the first service pack will become available. The analyst report has it that Microsoft designs these program limitations to persuade organizations to enter Enterprise Agreements, enroll licenses in Software Assurance or purchase upgrade rights to run Windows 7.

Gartner's report also warned businesses to evaluate their applications before switching from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 in order to avoid compatibility issues.

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Role-playing Game On Twitter rakes In Profits

Posted by Unknown | June 23, 2009 |

The maker of a new role-playing game on Twitter, Lolplaying, tagged '140 Mafia,' is trying to explore Twitter's money making potential with Super Rewards, a virtual currency service that already has been reaping revenue from various forms of online recreation. Super Rewards quietly began selling extra points and additional powers to 'Tweeple' this month when 140 Mafia's text-based take on organized crime made its Twitter debut.

The alliance was announced on Tuesday at a social gaming conference in San Francisco - Power to the Tweeple. Super Rewards gives players of online and mobile games ways to gain the upper hand against their opponents, with the reward of a few bucks - or, in some cases, a ridiculous amount of money can buy an advantage.

Jason Bailey, co-founder of Super Rewards, tipped it will pay off on Twitter as '140 Mafia' attracts more players. It's already proven to be a lucrative model at Facebook and MySpace, as well as on the iPhone.

Twitter's founders are yet to come-up with how to cash in on their popular social networking and messaging service. The scheme is raking in profits, but not for Twitter, which maintains it doesn't need to worry about monetization.

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A public beta of Microsofts anti-malware service, Microsoft Security Essentials, is billed for launch soon as Live OneCare suite phases out next week - Tuesday. The version running on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, will be available in the U.S., Brazil, and Israel in English and Brazilian Portuguese. While the beta version for Simplified Chinese will be available later in the year.

According to Alan Packer, general manager of Microsoft's Anti-Malware team, 'the service updates its anti-malware database constantly and publishes new antivirus signatures to Microsoft Update three times a day'. The service also includes new technologies that help protect against root-kits, programs that are designed to hide the fact that a PC has been compromised, and is also designed to run efficiently by scanning when the PC is idle and conserving on memory usage.

Earlier in November last year, Microsoft announced its plan to drop its Live OneCare service in favor of a slimmed-down free offering designed to encourage more people, particularly those who don't want to pay for it and fear it will slow down their computer, to use antivirus software.

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Google Advances Challenged By 'Bing'

Posted by Unknown | June 15, 2009 |

In a New York Post report on Sunday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, was reportedly upset by the launch of Microsoft's Bing search engine that he called-up for 'urgent upgrades' to Google's service. As the story headlined has it 'Fear grips Google,' could the search giant really feel threatened?

Brin is said to be leading a team of top engineers to determine how Microsoft's search algorithm differs from the closely guarded one Google employs. Though Google representatives declined to comment on the level of Brin's involvement, the fact that the newspaper state his hands-on involvement with a team working to improve search services spells trouble.

According to latest release on search share by market researcher ComScore, Microsoft's search share went up to 11.1 percent last week from 9.1 percent the previous week. The fact that Bing seems to be of particular interest to Sergey is indeed remarkable.

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According to an Official Sophos blog post on Wednesday, a new version of the Mac OS X Tored Worm had been discovered. Also among the findings is a Trojan hidden inside a porn site which targets Mac users. The malicious porn site instructs visitors to download an ActiveX component to enable them view videos on the site.

But instead, a Trojan, dubbed OSX/Jahlavc, gets downloaded and installed on the system. Mac users get redirected to the pagemac.php page, which downloads a QuickTime.dmg file, according to the blog post.

Sophos security researcher, Graham Cluley, cautioned in the post that 'the Mac malware threat is real, as we've demonstrated before, we'll no doubt explain again.' Adult sites have been the bait of virus developers, and the trend is one that will continue for a long time to come, seeing the high rate at which users patronize porn contents online.

However, internet users generally have now been afforded a more secure defense against this hydra headed monster more than ever before in the form of  Java disabling tools and firewalls.

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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has responded to the suit by St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa over fake tweets made in his name on the company blog detailing Twitter's future plans to combat false accounts - saturday.

According to Stone in the post, 'Twitter's Terms of Service are fair and we believe will be upheld in a court that will ultimately dismiss Mr. La Russa's lawsuit.' The microblogging company also purports to suspend, delete, or transfer control of accounts known to be started by impostors.

On a more security-note, however, Stone stated that the company recognizes an opportunity to improve its customer service, and will experiment starting this summer with a beta preview of a feature called 'Verified Accounts.' The account will feature a special seal indicating that it belong to the individual or group it says it belongs. The experiment will begin with 'public officials, public agencies, famous artists, athletes, and other well-known individuals at risk of impersonation,' Stone wrote. The company hopes to extend the verified seal subsequently to all accounts.

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A developer preview version of Google's Chrome is now available on Mac OS X, according to an official chrome blog post - Thursday. Chrome had been a Windows-only product, which before now, coders have been working to rebuild some Chrome components, such as its graphical interface and its sandbox that isolates different processes from each other, to move beyond Windows and embrace Mac/Linux.

Google product managers Mike Smith and Karen Grunberg stated in the blog post, 'In order to get more feedback from developers, we have early developer channel versions of Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, but whatever you do, please DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM,' which more-or-less evidently points to a reverse psychology.

However, the company warns that the developer preview versions are yet a work-in-progress, and falls in the category of 'most unstable' of all known versions of chrome.

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The new search engine that replaces Live Search, debuted Thursday at the 'D: All Things Digital conference' has start early public debut - Monday, though Microsoft said that it wouldn't be fully launched until Wednesday. Bing search has started to become publicly available, in the company's latest effort to tackle Google's advances.

Although Microsoft's research shows that most people repeat searches and give up without finding exactly what they want, perceived satisfaction of search has actually recorded high.

Most of Microsoft searches come via MSN, from toolbars and other methods, while just 1 or 2 percent come from people actually typing into their browser's address bar. Bing is seen by analysts as an attempt by Microsoft to establish its search offering as a destination Web site with high active traffic, 'In the view though, Microsoft's search technologies are ready for prime time, making a call on the success of Bing now will be premature.'

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