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Are you a freelancer or a tech enthusiast? And want to leverage our platform to promote and share your insight on technology with thousands of our readers and fans? If you answered yes, then, rejoice as now accepts guest posting.

However, due to the massive requests for guest posts which we spend much time processing, we have decided to add a little admin fee of $15 to cover such processing and other administrative costs.

And the quality of content we accept is such that your article must be of value to our audience with actionable tips that will make them come back for more. Any article with generic content that are of no value to our readers will not be published.

We prefer guest posts around such topics like: Howto Guides, Tips, Checklists, Case studies, Infographics, etc. While Gambling-themed content or adult content will not be accepted, and crytocurrency related contents MUST stick to the technology and avoid the get-rich-quick schemes.

Guidelines for Guest Posting on

  • Article must be up to 600 words count, and 300+ words for Infographic.
  • Article must be unique, not copied from elsewhere (must pass Copyscape), relevant and free from grammatical errors.
  • It must be within the Technology Niche
  • Add resource links if applicable and relevant, but our editor can remove or change any of the resource links you added, if we feel they are outright promotional and non-relevant to the topic.
  • Guest Post is not the same as Sponsored post, kindly see our Advertising Page for details on publishing a sponsored post.

Kindly note that we will not publish every submissions, as only relevant and quality articles will be published, send your article for approval before making payments. And no author credit, as post will be published as our normal post with links included as normal link within the article.

Payment requirements!

We require a one-time payment of $15 for a guest post. And we accept payments through PayPal and Payoneer, which you can request via the Contact Us page.

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