Wanna see Data collected about your Online habits by Google?

The Internet giant, Google, has released a new tool termed "My Activity" that let users review the sites they visited, including search history and the videos they watched, among other things.

It shows you all the data collected about your online habits, offering a much more deeper insight than just mere browser history and only you can see this data.

The "My Activity" page includes a searchable history of almost everything a user have done online, like programs and YouTube videos you've watched to sites you've visited, as well as your activities on Google's other products.

It also offer users the option of suspending the web and application tracking on their activities online.

While, Google Apps for Work accounts will require enabling "Web & App activity for my domain", which based on organization's current settings, this feature is disabled by default.

In addition to allowing you to review everything Google has collected about your online activity, the tool also lets you edit and delete items.
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