Special Report: Millennial Human Resources - The New Frontier

Millennial, otherwise referred to as the Generation Y, are the demographic cohort whose birth year ranges from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. The most peculiar trait of the Generation Y is that they were the first to grow up with computers in their homes, and used technology at higher rates than people from other generations.

Fluent in the language of social media and computer processes, we’ll find plenty of Generation Y on both sides of the interview table by 2020, making almost half of the professional workforce.

This report (survey) asked individuals (majority haven worked in HR for at least four years) to assess the skill-set, vision and culture of Gen Y HR pros as they break out onto the office space.

Get to know the soon-to-be workforce majority, and their ability to rapidly take over every realm of the human resource function. Request your complimentary Free Whitepaper on "Millennial Human Resources: The New Frontier" today!
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