Exclusive Offer: 7-in-1 Python eBooks Bundle (Over $160 Value!) Free Only this Week

It's Python Week at Packt and what better way to celebrate it than to offer a free Python eBook every day plus 20% off bestsellers. This exclusive bundle, contains 7 eBooks in one, with topics ranging from machine learning to Raspberry Pi programming, which certainly guarantees something for every Pythonista looking to push their skills.

Machine Learning (ML) is the next big breakthrough in technology and this eBook bundles covers everything you need to know to give you a head-start.

This exclusive bundle today, includes the following 7 titles: Building Machine Learning Systems with Python, Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization, NumPy Cookbook, Python 3 Object Oriented Programming, Python Geospatial Development, Python Testing Cookbook, and Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents.

If you download this exclusive bundle today, you'll get all 7 books at once! This bundle is valued at over $160 — so don't wait. Offer ends Sunday, 10/18.
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