Exclusive: Going 'Hands On' At the US Army Virtual Reality Game Studio

Immersive computer-simulated experience replicated in the real world, which enable users to interact with the imaginary world, is Virtual Reality (VR) defined. While VR Games is beginning to see great uptake with several VR head-mounted displays (HMD) released for gaming by technology companies.

Andre Infante had the opportunity to tour the offices of the Army Games Studio, developers of "America’s Army," and to see firsthand how the Army is using new technology – including AR and VR – in their outreach and recruiting programs.

The Game Studio employs a number of game developers, programmers, and researchers who work on various digital products aimed at the public.

Albeit, game studios are pretty tight-lipped, much less one run by the U.S. government - this is first time the Army Game Studio has provided an inside view.

The experience was really fascinating, and Andre is ready to share it with you in this exclusive FREE eBook, request your copy now.
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