eBook: HTML5 iPhone Web Application Development - Free 41 Page Excerpt

The "HTML5 iPhone Web Application Development" guide contains tutorial for all levels of developers - beginners and professionals, covering the process of creating web applications for iOS Safari, utilizing current industry standards for front-end development.

And expatiating into creating a native application using the same codebase and a work through real-world examples, with in-depth discussions on the approach; including its benefits and drawbacks.

Definitely, your journey won't be complete without an overview of current industry standards for front-end technology, quickly moving to solve real-world issues; from creating a resizable or responsive gallery, to creating a single page application that utilizes the popular Backbone.js framework.

It aims to make you an expert in developing compelling web applications specifically tailored for distribution on iOS platform.

Request your complimentary Free eBook to take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, distilled into this easy to follow guide now.
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