eBook: Web Application Security for Dummies

Application security (AppSec) involve measures to prevent gaps in the underlying system as a result of flaws in the design, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance of an application. The goal is to prevent attackers from gaining control over the application and obtaining easy access to the server, database, and other back-end resources.

Web application vulnerabilities are now the most prevalent at more than 55 per cent of all server vulnerability disclosures.

In essence, Web applications have become the Achilles heel of IT security. This eBook is all about understanding how to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities in web applications.

Web application scanners (ethical hacking tools) have often been employed by security personnel within organizations to automate the security testing.

Learn how to use a web application security scanner to quickly find vulnerabilities and remediate them for stronger security. Request your complimentary FREE eBook on "Web Application Security for Dummies" now.
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