eBook: Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have become an integral part of our lives, that most people sleep with their phones next to their beds so they won't miss a thing. While Mobile marketing is marketing done through the mobile platform, or otherwise, marketing carried out through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device.

Mobile is perhaps the most personal channel that exists - as it's always available and right in someone's pocket, or next to their bed, and gets checked consistently throughout the day.

In fact, a recent survey in U.S. shows that about 44% of cellphone users sleep with their phones. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location based, personalized information that promotes goods and services, which makes marketing on mobile incredibly powerful.

As a marketing channel that commands plenty of dedicated attention, it's vital that marketers understand how to effectively market on mobile.

The mobile platform is a great tool that can help make selling of goods/services much more faster and easier. Don't be left-out on this huge potential marketing channel, request your Free Guide now.
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