Special Report: Who's Using Cyber Threat Intelligence?

In the wake of the recent Hacking Team's breach which exposed customer data, software code, internal documents and emails, enterprise IT more than ever before, are up on their toes in visualizing potential attacks and threat intelligence.

The “commercialization” of malware, with attack kits available on underground forums for anyone who wants to perpetrate such attacks, is a growing concern in this regard.

In the most recent years, we've seen a disturbing trend - attackers are innovating much faster than the anti-malware industry.

As more and more attacks occur, however, the likelihood increases that some organization or group has seen the attack before.

The report on Who's Using Cyber Threat Intelligence, aims to explore how attackers reuse malware and command, control protocols and methods, adapting over time to keep ahead of the anti-malware industry and security professionals, brought to you by ThreatStream. Request your FREE copy now!
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