eBook: Inside Windows 10 - An Early look at Microsoft's Newest Operating System

Microsoft has announced July 29 as the availability date for Windows 10, which is to serve as operating system across PCs, smartphones, tablets, and the Xbox One game console, an ecosystem of connected products and services. While many people believe Windows 10 is simply an upgrade to Windows 8.1. The truth is, it is a much bigger deal.

This eBook "Inside Windows 10: An Early Look At Microsoft's Newest Operating System" will provide you an invaluable insight on how you and your business can get a head start in Microsoft’s new era of interconnectivity.

It includes: Developing Apps for Windows – Why this is about to become much simpler and intuitive. And Microsoft’s new virtual assistant, Cortana and how it could transform the user experience, amongst other engaging fundamental changes.

It is valued at $14.95, however for a limited period (Until 13/6/2015), you'll be getting it absolutely free. Get an inside knowledge on Windows 10 and how it will impact the future of technology by requesting your complimentary FREE eBook now.
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