eBook: Cybersecurity - Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions

Cybersecurity is the application of security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity of data across desktops, servers, and most importantly, enterprise setup. It requires a thorough understanding of potential threats, such as viruses and other malicious code, as well as system vulnerability and general security architecture.

Cybersecurity involves preventative methods to protect information from attacks.

This eBook is a comprehensive and authoritative look at the critical topic of cybersecurity from start to finish, and also a useful reference for cybersecurity testing, IT test/development, and system/network administration.

It addresses cybersecurity strategies that include identity, risk, and incident management, and also serves as a detailed guide for anyone looking to enter the security profession. Doubling as the text for a cybersecurity course, it covers everything from basic network administration security skills through advanced command line scripting, tool customization, and log analysis skills.

It's a must-have, hands-on guide for working in the cybersecurity profession. Get a head up now by requesting your copy on Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions (FREE until 6/22) with $48.99 Value!
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