Exclusive Report: Mixed State of Readiness for New Cybersecurity Regulations in Europe

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a single law that aims to unify data protection within the European Union (EU). As the current EU Data Protection Directive failed to cover aspects like globalization and newest technological developments like social networks and cloud computing sufficiently, there is the need for new guidelines for data protection and privacy.

The GDPR is currently set to be finalized in early 2015, with compliance becoming mandatory in 2017. The NIS directive – set to be implemented in 2015 – will impose new security and incident reporting requirements on a broader range of private sector companies.

This report gauges how organizations perceive the scale and importance of the legislation and predicts how organizations in France, Germany and the UK are most likely to prepare themselves for compliance.

Based on responses, it concludes that there is a mixed state of readiness at best, with many not understanding the true extent of the potential impact of the legislation. The French, German and UK organizations need more clarity on compliance requirements for 2015-2017. Download this FREE report to be prepared.
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