Special Report: 2015 Mobile Threat Report

Web access by people on the go — via smartphones and tablet devices – currently, has exceeded web access from desktop computers. The shift to mobile Web access has been accelerating with the rise of smartphones and tablets, with both platforms providing better access, screens, and mobile browsers - or application-based user experiences than previous generation devices.

In the same vein, mobile threat is on the rise. In 2014 alone, nearly one million (931,620) unique malicious applications were produced, or rather a 391 percent increase from the previous year.

According to data and research of more than 2.5 million mobile applications gathered by the Pulse Secure Mobile Threat Center research facility, Android devices continue to be the main target of malware and was 97 percent of all mobile malware developed.

The Pulse Secure Mobile Threat Center conducts around-the-clock security, vulnerability and malware research on mobile device platforms.

The 2015 Mobile Threat Report analyzes attacks, threat vectors and the common misuses of mobile devices that have led to a significant risk spike in mobile devices. Get a detailed report from the key findings by downloading this FREE whitepaper now.
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