Special Report: Symantec Internet Security Threat Report for 2014

The Symantec Internet Security Threat Report provides an overview and analysis of the year's global internet security based on data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which Symantec's analysts use to identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the dynamic cyber-threat landscape.

It highlights the 2014 Internet Security landscape: including mobile security, with about 38% of mobile users haven experienced mobile cyber-crime within past 12 months.

Web-based attacks are up 23%, 1 in 8 legitimate websites have a critical vulnerability and 1 in 392 emails contain phishing attacks. While, the overall trends in spam and malware can be characterized by a larger number of more targeted, stealthy and sophisticated attacks.

This report is designed to highlight the key security threat landscape and suggest ways to defend against sophisticated next generation of Internet threats. Request your complimentary FREE whitepaper on "Symantec Internet Security Threat Report" now.
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