eBook: iPad For Dummies (usually $6.99) FREE for a limited time!

The iPad, a line of tablet computers designed by Apple Inc., was first released on April 3, 2010; while the most recent iPad models, the iPad Air and second generation iPad Mini, were unveiled on October 22, 2013 and subsequently went on sale November 1 and 12, same year respectively.

It combines the best of your favorite gadgets features: iPod touch, MacBook, and e-Reader, into one ultra-modern portable touch device.

The iPad comes handy; for sending e-mail and surfing the web to taking pictures, watching and recording videos, playing games, downloading apps, and so much more. Your e-mail, photos, music, eBooks, and games are just a touch away with iPad.

The fun begins right here with this friendly Dummies guide; Portable Edition - eBook (usually $6.99) FREE for a limited time!

Use this portable guide for getting started on advanced features like: Magic touch — navigate the multitouch screen, use the onscreen keyboard, and e-mail and surf the web with just the touch of a finger. And All those apps — download the latest apps, keep them up to date, and indulge your interests with games, e-books, and more. Request your complimentary free eBook on the iPad for Dummies now.
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