Special Report: Holistic Security Architecture Designed to Fight Emerging Cyber Attacks

Holistic security is the recognition of the interconnected nature of security requirements, incorporating various aspects of security - notably by distinct and often non-communicating departments like IT security, physical security, and fraud prevention.

While, holistic security architecture can help address emerging security challenges offering the widest attack coverage and shortest time to mitigate, organizations need an integrated detection and mitigation solution.

As DoS/DDoS attacks continue to rise, so does the risk for organizations. This white paper on "Holistic Security Architecture Designed to Fight Emerging Cyber Attacks" will teach you how to protect your organization against all types of availability-based threats.

And maintaining business continuity even when under attack, is another area of insight afforded by this special report series.

Download this white paper NOW to learn how to reduce operational costs and save on enterprise infrastructure expenses, while interfacing with emerging security applications.
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