Special Offer: The Social Media Pocket Guide

The Social Media Pocket Guide, which includes 15 big media and brand examples can help your team stay up to date on today's social realities. From real-time marketing to social TV and more, the Pocket Guide provides a broad overview of social media's evolution.

It's packed with fresh strategy inspiration from 15 different global brands and media properties, including current themes like pay to play, digital integrations, social TV, and more.

If you're looking for a general primer or quick tactical reference, The Social Media Pocket Guide is made for you in engaging, bite-sized nuggets. Also, breaking down the latest tips and tactics for the four most common social objectives and explore specific use cases like product launches, events, and real-time marketing.

Wherever your social strategies take you, make sure The Social Media Pocket Guide is along for the ride.

Find out how today's best social brands are reaching their goals - and you too can. Get the offer now by downloading the Pocket Guide free.
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