Special Report: Enterprise Mobility for Dummies

Enterprise mobility simply put, is the increasing array of mobile devices and related services that enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context. It is increasingly important nowadays following the BYOD enterprise setting, which allow workers bring any smartphone and tablet devices and have support for using the devices in the workplace.

The main challenges of determining the right enterprise mobility strategy for an organization is to relate the available mobile technology to the overall purpose of the work conducted, and how to support mobile workers when they are using these devices in the workplace.

Even as the influx of high capability smartphones and similar handheld computing devices soar, accelerating and transforming the enterprise with mobility remains far fetched.

The "Enterprise Mobility for Dummies" guide outlines how your organization can leverage mobility to gain real-time access to vital business information and meet customers needs. Download the free whitepaper now to learn how to accelerate and transform the enterprise with mobility.
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