Special Report: Sharing is the New Buying, Winning in the Collaborative Economy

The Collaborative Economy, for those new to the term, is a powerful movement in which people are getting things from each other, it's a combination of trends like the sharing economy, maker movement, and co-innovation. What this means is that people go to a site like LendingClub to get funding for their new project, rather than a traditional bank. Or, they may go to a site like Etsy or Shapeways to get custom made goods, or go to a site like eBay to buy pre-owned goods, instead of buying new products from retailers. In each of these cases, the crowd is self-empowered to get what they need from each other.

But while the Collaborative Economy is poised to disrupt many industries, there is remarkably little data on how many people participate in sharing and making, who they are, and, most importantly, why they do it.

This report offers critical insight for big brands who are grappling with the emergence of the Collaborative Economy, and for the startups that are driving this growth. It aims to paint a picture of the sharers in the Collaborative Economy and provides important recommendations for businesses that want to win in this new economy.

And perhaps, this is the Largest Study of the Collaborative Economy engaging 90,112 people in the US, Canada and the UK. Download the free white paper on "Sharing is the New Buying, Winning in the Collaborative Economy" now.
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