Special Report: The Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics

Twitter is a green field for content marketers and social media managers alike, with more than 241 million active users, 58 million Tweets, and 2.1 billion searches every day, online marketers have an active and informed audience to engage.

Now, what's the best way to engage followers? How often do I need to tweet or reply to stay relevant? What's the best way to leverage my brand's Twitter account?

The answers lies in a few key metrics that you should be using to gauge your performance, all accessible through the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report. The different Twitter metrics are measurable through the Simply Measured Engagement Megaphone, and there are several specific ways to use them to create actionable Twitter tactics.

Learn about the tools to do the analysis and reporting yourself in this definitive report on "The Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics" by downloading free now.
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