Special Report: The New Encryption Generation

Internet security has become a much debated topic in IT circles lately, with the proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices, keeping tab on who is peeping into your organization database is now a wild goose chase. How enterprises can effectively safeguard their enormous data has gone beyond full disk encryption system, which no longer makes sense in view of the modern and now extended enterprise settings.

As enterprises are turning to encryption as a backstop to prevent corporate and customer information from ending up in the wrong hands, its essential to learn about next-generation encryption and why your organization needs it.

First-generation encryption technologies often deliver less than promised—either leaving critical gaps in security, preventing the legitimate recovery of data or, even worse, encouraging operational compromises that can be exploited. More reasons organizations today need intelligent, multilayered approach to encryption that automatically safeguards data without complicating essential IT and user operations.

This whitepaper series examines the limitations of first-generation encryption processes that often deliver less-than-promised performance, spur user resistance, conflict with operational infrastructure and process requirements, and can even leave data stored in unencrypted locations where it is easily visible to unauthorized users. Download the free whitepaper on "The New Encryption Generation - Closing the Gap" now!
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