Special Report: Simplifying VMware vCloud

vCloud Suite is an initiative of VMware on cloud computing which allow users to migrate work on demand from their internal cloud with the flexibility allowed by virtualization. The vCloud architecture relies on vshield edge, while routed networks needs a VM running vshield edge software, which acts as the default gateway for the network.

The virtualization is implemented on a free host on the system and provide services to VMs on that host and any other hosts on the network.

The major components of vCloud and the virtual datacenters they provide is what we'll be primarily concerned with in this special report series; detailing how vCloud could be beneficial in addressing specific IT needs.

Secondly, is to generate a better understanding of the cloud in both the business and IT communities. It's brought to you by VMware vCloud Suite. Download the free Whitepaper on "Simplifying VMware vCloud" now.
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