Special Report: Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Media Analytics

The fact that modern marketing has shifted to the social media cannot be over emphasized, and businesses have come to learn that social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are no longer just for individuals, but can actually help them to acquire and retain customers.

Then comes the need to analyze the online conversations for actionable insights needed to make informed business decisions and provide better service experience for customers.

Social media analytics helps to identify emerging trends in the customer interactions online, and to understand the context of their conversation beyond just keywords. If you are just monitoring keywords to put out fires, you're missing out on what all the chatters about social media marketing really has to offer.

A wealth of information about the customers experience, your product and brand can be unveiled through social media analytics.

Get to the root cause of problems. Learn how social media analytics can make the big difference in your social media marketing campaigns by downloading the Free Whitepaper on "Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Media Analytics" now.
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