Special Report: 5 Myths of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has indeed become a really popular topic in IT circles lately, and as such, has generated a lot of obscured facts along the line. Its front-page news status has been accelerated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft among others, aggressively vying for leadership in the cloud infrastructure service space.

The race for leadership in cloud computing infrastructure services has contributed to the haze surrounding cloud computing facts.

How hard is it to adopt a private or hybrid cloud? How difficult is it to maintain and secure a cloud? How would the cloud transform my business? Do I have the right skill set in place? What are some of the cost considerations?

This special report series is aimed to separate facts from fictions, reality from myths, and thereby aide senior I.T executives in making guided decisions on cloud computing adoption, while dispelling cloud computing myths.

HP and Intel are committing extensive resources to helping customers with all their questions and concerns around cloud computing in this new series. Download the complimentary Free Whitepaper on "Five Myths of Cloud Computing" now!
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