Special Report: How the 'New Facebook' Impacts Businesses

Facebook recently announced several bold enhancements to its platform that give users more freedom and flexibility with the way they share content and communicate with friends. These enhancements touch nearly every facet of the user experience, which will have far-reaching implications for marketers who communicate with their customers on the platform.

Now, brands with hundreds of thousands of fans and "likes" have been algorithmically neutered by EdgeRank, and they are reaching less than 10 percent of their fans in the news feed with each post. These new enhancements hold both promise and challenges ahead for brands that want to drive greater levels of interaction and reach via the news feed.

Our special report focuses on how Facebook's news feed has created a conundrum for businesses who leverage Facebook for daily communication with customers. PC Mall provides your business with exactly what it needs to thrive, even in a challenging economy.

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