Special Report: Password Best Practices

Twitter on Friday acknowledged an extensive password breach on its system leaving about 250,000 users data at the mercy of hackers. The attack was attributed to weak password practices amongst users and calls for more caution on the part of users in creating, handling, and execution of password for their online services and transactions.

Although the company have done a reset of affected users accounts, its daunting on us to ensure that average internet users are availed the knowledge of effective password management, hence this special report series to guide users on password best practice.

The password remains one of the most susceptible components of even the  most advanced security systems.

Albeit, alternative and supplementary forms of authentication systems have become common place, the humble password remains the gatehouse to many security structures.

The free guide among other things will teach you how to tighten the weakest link of your security system, and maintaining good password practice. Download the free complimentary whitepaper now!
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