BlackBerry 10: Everything You Need to Know

Research In Motion (RIM) revolutionized OS, BlackBerry 10 has finally arrived with promises of enhanced security and enterprise grade mobility. Enterprise customers have expressed the need for more collaboration capabilities and secured access to data amongst other concerns.

BlackBerry 10 comes as a major update of the BlackBerry OS for both tablet and smartphone in answer to today's enterprise demands.

The new OS is purported to support coding in C/C++ and HTML5, allowing developers unrestricted access to open-source resources for application building and also cross-platform compatible. It affords developers better opportunity to build native applications.

We have partnered to bring you the "BlackBerry 10 Ready Program", with all the tools, resources to make your seamless transition stress-free.

The BlackBerry 10 Ready Program is specifically designed to address the important questions of enterprise customers. The document provides a quick overview, all the relevant information you may need as you prepare for a seamless transition in one place. Download the Free Whitepaper now!
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