Special Report: 41 Page Guide On Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become an indispensable tool for effective website management in terms of pooling actionable traffic data. If you own a website or blog, the chances are you are already familiar with Google Analytics, but even if you have installed the code and learnt how to gauge your site traffic, are you also aware how powerful the tool actually is?

Perhaps, it's even your first time of hearing about Google Analytics and you don't know who your site visitors are, let alone where they are coming from, don't worry as the guide covers the preliminary stages from installing the smart code snippet to tracking actual visitors.

The guide includes a high-level view of the number of people that have visited your site; where they are coming from and how visitors interacted with the site.

Also, the many different ways people access your site: web technologies used and the most popular pages.

It's not just about web traffic, as Google Analytics offers an intelligence overview that can be leveraged to arrive at a resounding success in your internet marketing campaigns.

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