Featured: Introduction to Cloud Computing For Startups

Cloud computing has been a popular topic lately, including the discussion of various cloud computing solutions such as Amazon AWS and Google App Engine. Many of the discussions revolve around the enterprise world, but few are talking about what this means for startups and small businesses.

Cloud computing has definitely come to stay and 2013 will witness a great proliferation of this emerging technology.

Now is the right time to get an in-depth introduction to Cloud computing, so as to keep ahead of the game in this changing times

What are the common myths about cloud computing and steps to prepare your business for taking advantage of the cloud? How to determine if cloud computing is a good fit for your business? And a simple definition of cloud computing, the five types of cloud computing, are amongst what you will get familiarized with in this Free guide.

You will find out how your startup can be able to take advantage of cloud computing as a new approach to launching your business quickly, and stay ahead of the competition in cutting cost and effective data management.

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