Cloud Development: Firsthand Guide

Cloud Computing is gaining great traction lately and so too, the novel idea of application development in the cloud. Cloud development categorically involves application lifecycle management components which includes: quality management and testing, configuration management, and delivery tools.

Albeit, developers with expertise in cloud-based development have clearly advocated for cloud development as regards cost savings and increased delivery speed, technology executives had cautioned on the challenges and risks associated with the cloud.

But, given the ever shrinking IT budgets and the retrogressive economic downturn, many organizations are now turning to the cloud to save cost and increase efficiency in application development.

However, if you or your organization is looking to venture into cloud development as a first time, you'll need arm yourself with the "Twelve Lifecycle Management Principles for World Class Cloud Development".

The principles will enable your company leverage the cloud for software development and testing, thereby saving cost without the inherent challenges. Download the Free complimentary Whitepaper now.
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