Special Report: Comprehensive Guide To Windows 8

The revolutionary new operating system by Microsoft, Windows 8, is perhaps the buzz word in the tech circle right now. And everyone is really anticipating the next generation of web technology enhancements promised in the new OS.

Microsoft has never hidden its desire to unify the Windows Ecosystem, comprising: the mobile version (Windows Phone), PCs and Xbox game console. But, just how much can Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 bring the elusive mobile web convergence to light?

Windows 8 interface is quite different from what Windows users have become accustomed. And many users are not yet aware of the Cloud Computing aspect, which remains the bedrock on which the new OS is built, cum the mobile web collaboration brought to the fore in the new Windows Ecosystem.

Analysts have termed it "the most daring move by Microsoft so far", with an unusual tile-based start screen optimized for touchscreen devices and the popular Microsoft desktop gone for good, definitely, on first look, you must be wondering did Microsoft omit the start menu in error?

Getting your data from your current system to the new Windows 8 will be a serious challenge too. That's the reason why we have partnered to bring you this complimentary FREE manual on Getting started with Windows 8. Download the Free Manual Now!
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