Social Web: Valentine's Day Treat

The Social Web is all about communities and relationships sharing on the internet, more so, when people tends to interact with one another following a special day like this - Valentine's Day. How the social tool can be utilized to foster more open relationship in the real-world cannot be over emphasized, as messaging and gift exchanges are more virtual when communicated on the web.

These social engagements are possible via channels known as social networking sites, notable amongst them are: Facebook and Twitter.  The two power-hubs of the social web with ever growing popularity and usage, now accounting for about 30% of online users time worldwide, have completely changed the conventional perception of the internet.

Now, refocuses on social interaction, collective intelligence can be harnessed (the phenomenon of internet users getting together) to fight for a common goal as is witnessed in the on-going case of the WikiLeaks controversy, and the Egyptian political revolution.

Lets not forget, the topic remain as the social web applies to Valentine's Day celebration, as truly love is found and shared on the social web phenomenon. The social web tools emphasize on some combination of the following attributes: Identity, Presence, Relationship, Conversation and Sharing. In variably, all of the above attributes represent the focal points of growing love and likeness.

The Social Web is indeed the network of the future, and perhaps may grow a bond to humanity evermore in a conspiracy of love whose end will be the emancipation of mankind. Wishing all our readers and followers a Happy Valentine's Day.
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