Local Search Recommendation

Google's crave for location based search experience has again received a boost as the search giant unveils Hotpot on the main search portal. Google Hotpot allow users to rate local places of interest on the search service, and add friends whose opinions they trust. The local places rated by users and friends are then served up by Google as personalized search list next time the user searches for such information.

Hotpot was first introduced in November 2010,  as a local recommendation engine to be powered by users. It aims to afford local business information, and list places based on users tastes and recommendations from friends.

Google officially announced the availability of the service on the company blog Tuesday, stressing the growth and changes the service has undergone within the past months.

To use the search rating service: Go to Google search portal and search for any local information, e.g Cinemas. And if a friend has rated a particular Cinema , you will see their ratings and what they said about it. However, users must be logged into their Google account before they can be able to rate or see recommendations made by their friends.

The service is available in 38 languages, allowing people to share their favorite places in their native tongue. It can be accessed directly on www.google.com/hotpot or using Google Maps, also available on mobile through Google Maps for Android and the iPhone App.

Local businesses have been called upon to avail themselves of this great marketing opportunity to make their services more visible by bringing them online.
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