3D Direct On Browser - Chrome

Google unveiled Chrome 9 on Thursday with the introduction of a new feature, WebGL, a new technology designed on the HTML5 canvas element. The hardware acceleration technology, brings with it the 3D experience direct on browser without the need of a desktop application.

WebGL is royalty-free web standard for 3D graphics API, albeit still in the low level application based on the HTML5 canvas element as DOM (Document Object Model) interfaces. It brings plug-in free 3D experience to the web direct on the browser. The WebGL working group comprises of the following major browser vendors: Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Apple (Safari) and Opera (Opera).

The announcement of the feature was made available on the Chrome blog by Google Software engineers, Erik Kay and Aaron Boodman, stating categorically, that with WebGL on Chrome, users will experience rich 3D graphics right inside the browser with no need for additional software.

Also, other additional feature on Chrome 9 is the incorporating of the Google Instant search capability on the browser's combined address bar and search bar.

This latest technology barrier breaking initiative, hopefully will position Google Chrome better on the browser market share. Chrome already has distinct advantage regards upgrade decision process that presents alternative choices.

Microsoft billed IE9 news announcement within the week,  perhaps may spark up another browser wars, however, the incumbent browser popularity has been on the declining lately and may remain so for a very long time.
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