Happy New Year: The Tech Way!

The New Year is finally here, we at Questechie are taking this time out to thank our numerous readers and followers for their loyalty to the blog, wishing all of you the best of the New Year. Also in this post we intend to explore the possible technology surprises that the major internet giants may spring up this season.

The first quarter of the New Year may perhaps prove many tech analysts wrong as regards who rules the internet. The Facebook and Twitter phenomena as disruptive as they have proved, may become the juggernaut the three internet giants: Microsoft, Google and Yahoo will require to steer off the competition - a possible acquisition is eminent as the year runs.

Google's interest in ITA Software, a flight data aggregation company, which have met several resistance and opposition from antitrust regulators, may finally get a go ahead; thereby giving the search giant a clear dominance.

Lets not forget, the Net Neutrality War is far from over. Thought that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) battled net neutrality rules 2010 is conclusive? Then, you will need to think again.

How successful will the Chrome OS project prove? Given the OS Trek, the next-generation of Mac OS X, and also Microsoft Windows 8 billed for possible unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show this January.

On the deathwatch, MySpace has finally given up on the social networking sphere, and Ask.com has given up on search. How many of such services are on the brink of extinction?

The WikiLeaks controversy have definitely carried on into 2011, many more controversies like the Google Comcast acquisition, patent lawsuits are also on the row.

This post, apart from information sake, tends to raise technical questions rather that answers; a measure to keep your internet technology quest alive. As the year rolls by we intend to unveil the answers as they are made available. Hoping you will have a very memorable and prosperous New Year.
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