Sandbox For Adobe Flash Player

Google has announced the integration of Adobe Flash player to Chrome sandbox as a measure to tighten the porous security issue with the media player. It follows the technology advancement in the new sandbox capability which started with incorporation of  HTML and JavaScript into the Google browser.

This latest move by Google, demonstrates the vantage position of the ace media player and its growing significance in the area of animations and video rendering. However, Google has stressed that the move is a milestone in making Chrome safer, and improve protection against additional attack vectors, by providing full implementation of sandboxed Flash player.

Sandbox amongst other functions help prevent applications and its exploitation in accessing protected computer resources. It protects sensitive resources from being accessed by malicious code, while allowing applications to use less-sensitive ones.

The initial implementation of the Flash player sandbox for Chrome dev channel users will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Chrome is currently the only browser on the XP platform that runs Flash player in a sandbox.

Adobe, however, have demonstrated its willingness to mitigate the maligning security concern on its media player, as can be seen in its earlier project, Reader X for windows with sandboxing technology. And Google on the other hand, has made an ample use of the opportunity in curtailing the security breach in the Flash, to jump-start its purported Chrome Web Store project.
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