Internet Trends: Predictions For 2011

The New Year is already by the corner, and perhaps, it may not be utterly out of place to present our analysts predictions on the internet technology trends that will dominate 2011. The past reviews on top trends for 2010 has, however, painted a vivid picture on some of the innovations that will herald the new year. The social web experience will definitely take a center stage in defining the overall web trends for the coming year, however, the major trends to watch are as follows:

Mobile Web: The social web experience is expected to shift to the mobile web as the center stage in the coming year, given the fact that over 85% of  mobile phone shipments in the coming year will be smartphones, and about 70% of the world populations having internet access. Also, the easily availability of free mobile apps via Android, iPhone and Symbian that enhance the social web experience of Facebook and Twitter are on the rise.

Third-Party Authentication Services: Now running for the third year, this internet trend will see more implementation, as more online users will turn to Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect instead of direct registry and log-in.

Real-Time Analytics: Applications that comes with data and real-time capabilities, as associated with the social web, have accelerated the demand for this service. And 2011 will see more application of it, even as Twitter is set to introduce a real-time analytic service.

Social Web TV: As the quest for real-time access to information heightens, and Twitter purported interest in bridging the connection between online users and the offline world in real-time, allowing TV viewers to interact via tweets. Twitter had earlier stated at the MTV Awards that it wants to be the real-time TV channel of the decade.

Location-Based Service: Location services will experience a major boom following the mainstream of the mobile web and applications, which may prove a success for mobile advertising and monetization schemes.

However, given the predictability of technology, to the extent to which they are true, remains the real question. Let us know your part of the predictions for the new year in the comments.
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