IE9 Tracking Protection: Privacy Or Security?

The first release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) scheduled for first quarter next year will feature an opt-in 'tracking protection' mechanism, that will enable users eliminate websites tracking their browsing sessions, according to a report on Microsoft's IE Blog Tuesday.

The tracking protection system comprises of  a 'Tracking Protection Mechanism' and 'Tracking Protection Lists': whereby, the mechanism identify and block many forms of undesired tracking, while the Lists will enable users control what third-party contents can track them when online.

The underlying technology mechanism, however, tends to offer new option in empowering online consumers with an open platform, complementing their awareness and control over who can track their online activities.

Dean Hachamovitch, VP Internet Explorer development, explained further that the 'Tracking Protection' feature will not replace InPrivate filtering, a feature that made debut on IE8, but will serve a complimentary purpose. And that the Tracking Protection mechanism will only be active when a user turns it on.

The incessant security issues associated with the incumbent web browser has taken center stage in almost every users considerations, and have perhaps given the late entrants ample chances of success. However, the dominant question on the mind of analysts has been, is Microsoft refocusing its technicality on privacy concerns over security?
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