Application Of Natural Language To Search

As applicable to booking flight online, natural language search, eliminates the need of manual selection of airport, flight destination, and other options in conducting a flight search. In other words, whereas, under the conventional method, your query parameter for a flight schedule will include: date, airport and destination, the new flight search technology will include the scheduled date, possible fare predictions and cheapest options.

Given instance, entering 'flights from Boston to Los Angeles in June' will fill in the flight search forms with the parameters you need, making you only one click away from a list of results that match your query.

Microsoft search engine service, Bing in a blog post on Monday announced the introduction of the new feature to enhance users access to flight information and enable faster web experience.

Although, online flight search is desperately seeking an enhanced technological improvement, as occasioned by the purported deal by Google to acquire ITA Software, which none-the-less has met stiff opposition from different quarters - Microsoft's latest move, may perhaps turn the travel search tide on its favor.

The quest for travel search perfection is still on going, and the next move will definitely be Google's, however, the overall winner will be online users.
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