Office On The Cloud

Indeed cloud computing is here to stay, and spells the next generation of shared resources, software and general web experience. And as applicable to office documentation, Google has brought the trend to the indomitable MS Office by a service termed Google Cloud Connect.

Google Docs success has stemmed from the fact that the service is 100% web, real-time accessibility from anywhere there is an internet connection, without the need for a software. Given the incumbent nature associated with Microsoft Office, being integrated on the de facto Operating Systems of many corporations, and the fact of enabling the new information age which Google represents; has deemed the choice of a collaboration tool necessary.

The Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is the accessibility answer for those who have not made the full move to Google Docs and are still using Microsoft Office. Cloud Connect has given users the benefit of still using the familiar MS Office interface, but with the advantage of great accessibility.

Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 users can now sync their Office documents to the Google Cloud, and ensure access even out of Office. Documents synchronized are backed-up and given a unique URL, making it accessible from anywhere (including on mobile devices) at anytime through Google Docs.

All a user requires to access the feature is having a Google account, as Google Cloud Connect is available free to everyone.

Mac users, however, will have to wait awhile, as the service is not yet available for the Mac OS X. The full program subsequently is still being tested, and will be generally available soon.
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