Mobile Application Of Streaming Search

The streaming search technology, Google Instant, introduced September by the search giant is now available on mobile devices according to a report on the company's blog. The technology afforded users faster search experience by predicting the actual search term even as the user type-in the query.

Google has made the beta version available to Android devices (running Android 2.2) and iPhone/iPod (iOS 4) in the U.S. in English language and accessible through the Google search portal, simply tap on the Google Instant 'Turn On' link beneath the search box to begin.

The mobile application of the new search technology has again demonstrated Google's support for open standards, as the implementation runs on HTML5, thereby eliminating the need to load a new page for each query based on the dynamism of the platform.

Google Instant on mobile devices works better on the 3G network or across Wi-Fi hotspot. However, given that wireless connections fluctuate, Google has made it easy to enable or disable the feature without leaving the search page.

The predictive input on the Google Instant feature came as a result of the pool-of-information users are generating through the search query, by analyzing the number of queries, Google is able to come-up with the word combination a user intends.

Google has stressed the value for the new feature as saving users more time and to search more efficiently, it however, expected minimal impact on its bottom line by the new technology.
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