Enter Social Web Browser - RockMelt

The open source Chromium project has heralded a new social experience in web browsing technology, called RockMelt, that aims to bring to the fore the new social networking capabilities and integrations that will drive the next generation of web users. The innovative approach of the browser is built upon a massive shift from the conventional focus, integrating social tools as a core browsing experience.

RockMelt web browser features a cloud-based backup to store users' bookmarks, thereby making users' data accessible from any location. It's the first browser to be fully backed by the cloud.

The overriding idea, however, is to ease communication and interaction on social networking platforms, as it incorporates social applications. It does not just navigate the web, but enables you to share and interact with friends, stay up-to-date in news and search information.

It is fast and secure from architectural point-of-view, been based on the Chromium project that gave rise to Google Chrome browser,  also riding on the WebKit layout engine to which Apple subscribe.

Tim Howes,  RockMelt co-founder, has dubbed it a 'personal experience' on the web wherever you go and stated categorically on the peculiarity of the login feature, feeds and bookmark preferences according to its official blog.

However, similar projects have been undertaken previously on that line as in the Flock web browser released in 2005, based on Mozilla Gecko engine. But given the actual timing and massive shift in user behavior driving the current social web, may perhaps serve a credible challenge and ensure the success of the RockMelt project. Also, the renowned pioneer of web browsing technology, Marc Andreessen, co-author of the Mosaic browser, has endorsed the project.
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