Open Web: Application Centric Web

The open web platform has become a major point of attention in the drive to enhance the installation and use of applications, based on compatibility with all standards. As championed by Mozilla, it tends to ensure that apps created this way will run across all platforms.

Mozilla, recently made it public that it has built a prototype of a system for open web apps, running on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript that work on both computers and mobile devices, with the many characteristics that users find compelling in their native apps. Also providing app developers with open and flexible distribution options, with support for paid apps and authentication features.

The project, however, is not a Mozilla app store nor a payment infrastructure, but rather a platform necessary to support free and paid app distribution and installation by developers.

The technical documentation has been released according to a report monitored on the company's blog last week, and a developer preview prototype, that enables installation, launch and manage of web apps on any modern desktop or mobile browser.

The open web app system will among other things address the issue of  lack of choice for developers, platform lock-in, and approval processes as experienced with the Apple's iTunes ecosystem. Also, it will limit the proprietary walls on mobile platforms.
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