Mobile Edition: Firefox 4 Beta Debut

Mozilla has announced the release of  Firefox 4 beta for mobile in the company's blog Thursday, making it the first ever version of the open-source browser for mobile devices. According to the release note, the Firefox 4 beta is built on the same technology platform as the desktop version, optimized for browsing on mobile devices.

The first version for Android offers users browser interface comprising very new smart features, however it also witnessed few weaknesses.

The interface runs on a separate process from the one rendering web content, resulting increased performance and responsiveness. Also improvements is witnessed in the overall graphic areas like scrolling, animations and zooming.

The weaknesses observed by early adopters included: problem with the zooming feature, similar to that of iPhone, zooms into a column of text when double-tapped. Also, another complaint is in the area of tab with an 'x' to close it, hardly fits big thumb in selecting it, and its easier to close instead. Other problems include fonts being less readable compared to other mobile browsers.

However, the problems is not much an issue with mobile-optimized sites like Facebook and Twitter. But, given its the first beta, the solutions is definitely shortcoming.

Developers on the other hand, have been called upon to utilize the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to improve the features by building fast and powerful mobile apps.
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