Facebook One-Time Password: Pro And Con

As a counter-measure to the heightened security issues facing the social networking hubs, Facebook on Tuesday announced a one-time access password for users, particularly as it affect users who make use of internet facilities in public places. The public Wi-Fi connection hotspot posed serious security problems, as users data are transmitted unencrypted, leaving it open to possible interception.

The one-time password feature on the other hand, will enable users to minimize the extent of break-in on exposed accounts, as it lasts only 20min. And it can only be accessed by users who have incorporated their mobile phone number to their account, pass is sent through mobile text message.

More security conscious users therefore are hereby enjoined to avail themselves of the new feature whenever they intend to make use of public computers in places like Hotels, Cafe, or Airports.

The one-time pass is obtained by texting 'otp' to the mobile number 32665 and the password can be used only once par session, it expires 20min in idle status.

However, analysts have argued that given the possibility of  a mobile phone getting into the hand of a wrong guy may as well serve the opposite effect, making a person who normally would not have access to your account to get one by simply following the text message guide line.

The above observation therefore calls for extra precaution on the part of users. And perhaps the feature may as well be the tool hackers had long clamoured.
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