Chrome As Tool For Web Reform

Google has commenced positioning its browser as a tool to take on slow websites by incorporating 'False Start' into its Chrome Browser. False Start - a technology with the potential to reduce the round it takes to initiate communication between a browser and a web server when establishing an encrypted connection, will naturally form the command-line for the new Chrome.

The technology, unlike protocol improvement to communication, doesn't require changes on both sides of the network connection, only the browser needs to be changed.

The potential to reduce one round of back and forth communication, which translates to about 7 hundredths of a second of communication across the United States, as afforded by False Start, represents a significant time saving.

Chrome, according to the Chromium Command-Line Switch, will feature a backlist to disable the False Start acceleration for websites where its not applicable. However, Google intends to subsequently reach such websites owners for possible upgrade. The overall aim being to get websites to catch-up with browser communication encryption technology standardized a little over a decade ago.
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